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Asheville, NC 28803-8588
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Vision:  Happy Children
Mission:  Making every child’s day brighter by:

-Working with parents to support their child’s best health and sense of well-being

-Helping children find the joy in life’s daily successes

-Supporting our staff in a way that allows them to enjoy their profession and their own families

-Respecting that every child and parent are unique and need the support that works best for them

About our Vision & Mission

I am surprised that I am still often asked why I am a Pediatrician.  I simply respond, “Because I like to play with kids.”  I cannot think of a better way to start each day than to think about playing with babies and having lively conversations with toddlers, school-aged children, and, yes, even teenagers!  It’s amazing what children will tell you about their joys and their dreams.

As I reflect back on my own life, I always see my childhood as an especially happy time.  My parents migrated from Germany when they were in their 20’s with only the money in their pockets and the will to learn English and become U.S. Citizens.  I was blessed with parents that were very strict, but rewarded me with a chance to explore while enjoying a safe and loving home.  I have taken on many challenges that I would not have done if I did not have the support and security that my parents provided me.  Whether backpacking through Europe on my own while speaking three different languages, skydiving, or completing the many years to become and maintain Board Certification as a Pediatrician, to name a few, these accomplishments still seem overwhelming when I think back.  My parents are responsible for helping to provide the foundation of who I am and giving me the confidence to take on some of life’s many challenges.

Blue Sky Pediatrics is a place where children and their parents can come to be supported in their own mission to raise happy kids.  We provide a safe, friendly environment for children and their parents and offer them what they feel they need to become the unique family of their dreams.  We always welcome your comments, compliments, and constructive criticisms of how we can serve you better.

Thanks for your time and thoughtfulness,

Harald Kowa, M.D., FAAP